Below is an A-Z list of my juice cleanse recipes for weight loss and healthy soup recipes I have made so far.  Make sure you read about the top 10 powerhouse fruits and vegetables worth juicing

These juice cleanse recipes for weight loss have been added after looking up some of the best vegetables to juice for weight loss. I have made all of these myself and added my own variations. I will continue to add more recipes as and when I make them so be sure to register on the right to stay in touch. 


 Juice Cleanse Recipes for Weight Loss 1

Asparagus and Ginger Vein (to help varicose veins)

CAB Juice (carrot, apple and broccoli juicing recipe)

Cleansing Clearer (great for a detox)

Cucumber and Carrot

Cucumber Cooler (cucumber and ginger)

Ginger and Lemon Hottie

Green Goddess 1 – with added Chlorella or Spirulina

Immune boosting vegetable juice recipe

Minty Greens (Chard, cucumber, apple and mint)

PineAbbage (Pineapple, cabbage, broccoli, apple and lemon juice)

Ravishing Radish Juicing Recipe

Romaine Lettuce and strawberry juice

Satsuma Juice (Carrot, ginger and satsumas)

Two more satsuma juices

Sweet Potato Surprise 

Alkaline Powerhouse Vegetable Juice (helps you alkaline your body and reduce the acid)

CAB Juice (carrot, apple and broccoli juicing recipe)

Dill-licious vegetable juice (Dill juice – very healthy)

Green Goddess 2 (with lime) juicing recipe

Healthy Tango’d Juice – contains lots of orange colour

Parsley and Kale juice with pineapple

Red Devil Juice (with beetroot)

Color yourself beautiful (group of vegetable juices you can use)

WATER CLEANSE – a list of different water cleanse recipes to use as a detox

Watercress Powerhouse Juice (using 3 of the top 10 powerhouse vegetables)

Healthy Soups for Weight Loss

During the cold months I am not going to juice as much because my body just needs something HOT! So I will make healthy soups for weight loss.

I will cook the soups for a long time dragging all of the nutrients out of the vegetable and into the water. Then I will strain it and just drink the water. So its hot vegetable juicing 🙂

Healthy Winter Soup – this contains videos including one called “Magic Diet Soup” – this guy lost weight drinking soup

Cabbage Broccoli Coriander (cilantro) soup

Carrot Celery Red Bean Soup

Carrot Chickpea and Broccoli soup

Cauliflower, broccoli, spinach and cabbage soup

Sweet potato, squash and lentil soup

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